Not Ready To Die But Wanting To Die: Depression, Hip Hop and the Death of Chris Lighty


توصيات مجانية فوركس “We need a very serious and healing discussion on depression for the Hip Hop generation. As one who suffers from depression myself, it breaks my heart to see those lose this very difficult and often lonely battle.” – After hearing of Chris Lighty’s death 8/30/12 Right now I should be finishing a paper for my

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What Does Jesus Look Like?


الاسهم الامريكية توصيات I was raised in the Catholic Church. From the moment I was placed under this religious institution, I was put in a situation where my savior would never look like me. For me Jesus Christ was a white men with blond hair and blue eyes. Much of my high-school years were spent going to church w co zainwestować 1000 zł
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