Rosa Alicia Clemente is a 2008 United States Vice-Presidential candidate, journalist, political commentator, and scholar-activist.

Rosa is a revolutionary, true to her beliefs, her values and her fierce vision for a fair and just world. In these barbaric times, we need her truth-telling more than ever.

Naomi Klein

My dear sister and comrade Rosa Clemente is a long-distance runner for justice – a genuine freedom-fighter who tells the truth from the depths of her soul and puts her body on the line, owing to her love for oppressed people.

Dr. Cornel West

As my friend, colleague, comrade and confidante, Rosa Clemente has inspired me, challenged me, uplifted me and held me down all at once. I’m proud to know her.

Talib Kweli

Rosa Clemente is a fierce, brave and passionate voice. She speaks from the heart and from history, and she calls us to question everything, to investigate deeper and to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized. She is a true revolutionary, and we must support her and heed her call.

V Ensler