Rosa Alicia Clemente is a 2008 United States Vice-Presidential candidate, journalist, political commentator, and scholar-activist.

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From Moments to Movements: The Power of Community Activism and Organizing

I am not Hispanic: Afro-Latinx culture, identity and politics in the 21st Century

Nevertheless, We Persist: Black and Brown Women Hold up Half the Sky

Puerto Rico on the Map: Hurricane Maria, The Legacy of Colonialism and How to Make a Nation

Taking it Back: How Hip-Hop Feminists Can Reclaim the Culture

We the People: Resisting & Speaking Truth to Power in Uncertain Times

When an Afro-Latina Woman Ran for Vice-President and Nobody Knew Her Name


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Interview With Rosa Clemente on Organizing In the Renaissance Of Fascism – The Benjamin Dixon Show

The Benjamin Dixon Show Episode 703 Benjamin Dixon spoke with organizer, activist, and independent journalist, Rosa Clemente, joined by Anoa Changa. We spoke about Puerto Rico, the diaspora, the renaissance of fascism and global white supremacy, as well as organizing, voting, and changing America. Enjoy this immensely important conversation. Listen to the Podcast

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